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Are you crazy about building with LEGOS? We are too! All March long it is going to be LEGO-mania around the City of

St. Joseph. But we need YOUR imagination to make it happen. So fire up and start stacking those bricks! We can't wait to see what you'll build.

 Feb. 27 

LEGO Builders' Bash

Silver Beach Carousel


 Feb. 28, 29 & March 1 

LEGO Big City Build

Shadowland Ballroom

 March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 

Weekly Drawings for Build Kits

St. Joseph Today

 March 7 


Curious Kids' Museum

 March 9 

LEGO Mania

St. Joseph Library

 March 14 

LEGO Builds & Bright Minds

The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center

Kids Night Out with DUPLOs/LEGOs

Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YWCA

 March 21 

LEGO Skyscraper Building & Stop-Motion Animation Challenge

Krasl Art Center


 March 21 & 28 

Build a Better Box Factory

The Box Factory for the Arts

 March 23 

LEGO Party

St. Joseph Library

 March 25 

Wednesday Wow – Love Those LEGOs!

Benton Harbor Public Library

 March 27 

Friday Date Night with DUPLOs/LEGOs

Benton Harbor, St. Joseph YWCA



St. Joseph is full of fun over the month of March. From building competitions to concerts and awesome LEGO displays, there is loads of LEGO fun for everyone! See what amazing things you can do with LEGOS at building workshops hosted by the Krasl Art Center. Put your building skills to work in competitions with your peers at The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center. Visit the Shadowland Ballroom to experience a minuscule cityscape that entrances viewers of all ages.


Besides all the building activities at our special sites (see to the right), you will find family-friendly restaurants, stores, entertainment, and lodging all within easy walking distance. So come build some great memories together!

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